Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Good Excuse

It was monthly check-up time and the backyard was busting with foster parents coming in and out. The little ones whom we had not seen in nearly a month were back and we couldn't believe how much they had grown!

Sage has certianly grown since we saw her last. Her foster dad brought her in and we can see the bond that has formed between them. Are you a "Daddy's Girl", Sage?

Vivian and Evie have shot up to the point that they are in need of a few new outfits. Their foster mothers tried to pick out the cutest ones they could find from our storage room.

While their mothers were chatting and picking out clothes, Evie and Caleb found themselves sitting together in a box of clothes. They have become pretty good friends since the hat incident.

Jayden did not entirly appreciate her welcome by Tom, our sweet and gentle dog. She clung to her foster mom's legs and wished that Tom would go play with someone else. Maybe one day, when she's a bit bigger, she will see just how much fun he can be.

We welcome any excuse by the foster parents to come visit. Wether it's time for check-ups, preschool, a birthday party or new clothes, any excuse is perfect when it means that we can spend time with these sweet little friends.


  1. sage is just precious...is she available for adoption yet???

  2. Oh they are all so adorable...and we are so thankful for loving foster parents!

  3. Jadeyn has PIGTAILS! Sweet girl, you have so much hair now! I'd been hoping for some new pictures of her, thank you!