Sunday, April 25, 2010

Preschool Prom Queen

In a recent care package from a sponsor, Victoria receievd this beautiful dress, high heels, headband, and earrings. She got all dolled up and then made her grand appearance.

Hey boys, whatcha looking at? Jack, Trey, and Vincent saw Victoria make her grand appearance, and they couldn't contain their excitement.

They gathered around and Timothy joined in the admiration.  Victoria was more than happy to let the boys admire her beautiful dress.  She never has been one to mind being the center of attention.

We're not sure who appreciates her outfit more... Victoria or Jack!

Jack and Trey even gently touched the fabric.  Maybe they're going to grow up to be fashion designers... or at least to admire beautiful ladies.


And in other news... our new total for Kiah's fund is $2640.50, and Christopher's adoptive family just contacted us and asked that we share their family's blog with you.  His new name is Jack, and his mom keeps a fun blog chronicling the lives of her 3 precious sons.  You can also find the link in our extended family section!


  1. Well, I'm glad Victoria is enjoying that special attention as the "princess" that she is! True royalty if I do say so myself!!

    SO CUTE that the little boys are admiring her so... I'm certain they must be smitten!! ;)

  2. Princess Victoria is radiant!
    What a precious post!
    Love & Blessings,

  3. Princess Victoria is Beautiful! But hey ! Jack was looking pretty spiffy in his sweater. is that one i sent? can't remember there were so many a place here in Mt. Vernon (Ky) run bt CAPP(Christian Appalation Proj.)has lots&lots of really nice children's(&grownups) cloths and are cheap a quarter or fifty cents a sweater like Jack was wearing is $1 they cloths are cheap but not the postage ($43 for a flat-rate box) yeye

  4. Victoria looks like a true princess! The boys reaction to Victoria and her dress are so cute!!

  5. Oh this made my heart happy!!

    Thinking of all of you,