Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Poem written by ND staff

We have amazing and gifted staff. Listen to this poem they wrote themselves for our Chinese New Year party.

Here is the translation of the poem.

All the instruments play
To celebrate the festival with great joy
We gather together for this special moment

Stand on the platform
Perform for everyone
What are we going to perform?
Three and a half sentences

Three and a half sentences
Don't laugh if it is not funny
Whether it is funny or not
Don't run away

There is a story known by many people in the world
A foreigner mom with Chinese orphans
True love for orphans
It's her (Karen)

Saving children's lives from the edge of death
Pray with faith and not fear
Miracles happens all the time
True God

All the children are cute in New Day Foster Home
Each of them is precious
There is joy and happiness flowing from them
Ha ha ha

Owen and Ethan are handsome
Annie is smart
Khloe's nick name is beauty
All is true

Tristan has white skin and big eyes
Jamison is good at music
Timothy and Joshua are quiet
They all behave well

Claire went through a tough time in life
Staying in the hospital for half a year; ending up with a miracle
Being happy and positive with washing lungs daily
Not easy

Victoria is smart and obedient
Everyone says she is beautiful
She is a cook, secretary and a nanny in the home
She is great

Little Judson's life was critical
Olympic express road was prepared for him
A great miracle manifest
He was brought back

Evan was malnourished
Hopeless eyes broke our hearts
Gain 2.7 kg in seven days

Reagan's heart closed in her three years of life
No communication with others
Laugh with joy and smiles on her face now
With confidence

Elizabeth and Hannah two big girls
Fostered in a foreign family
Speak in English, amazes everyone
Can't understand

Princess Melody in the Healing Home
Arrogant for her beauty
With no hair came back from surgery
No way

A lot of amazing stories in New Day Foster Home
No time to talk about them all
Next year this time
Tell you more


  1. Oh my! That was so wonderful! What love they must have for all the New Day babies, to take such time to write such a lovely tribute! This made my day!!!!!!!!
    You have a very talented staff! Way to go, sweet New Day staff!

  2. How beautiful! The words of this poem give us a glimpse of NDFH through their front row seats! Truly priceless!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong!

  3. Okay, did not expect the tears so early in the morning, but wow, what an amazing staff you have. This poem is a true testament of their love for each and every one of these children. I am so blessed to have Drew as a part of the New Day family.

  4. What a tribute! It's also a great reminder of how fragile these little lives are, and just how BIG our HE is!

  5. Talent and fun, all wrapped into one neat package! I love how they took note of the individual children and their miracles over the past special!

    Happy CNY!!!

  6. that's really good!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Happy year of the Tiger!!

  7. What a beautiful thing to see glory and honor praised to the God who heals and loves unconditionally. An amazing poem...