Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Littlest Learners

By: Laura-Kate Denny, A NDFH Summer Intern

In the past week, New Day has expanded the preschool program. Now, the older kids (ages 3+) attend class in the morning, and the 2-year-olds attend class in the afternoon. The little ones are adjusting very well to the new learning environment!

After just one day in class, Raegan has already mastered folding her hands and saying “Ready!” before she receives her snack.

And, as usual, our kids LOVE to sing! Aren’t you impressed by how well a group of 2-year-olds knows the ABC’s?

At the end of class, lining up to play outside is no problem!

Can't wait for class tomorrow!


  1. Way CUTE!...love seeing interactive videos and photos of the little ones...too sweet! :)

    Great job with all of your postings, Laura-Kate Denny!! :)

  2. SO CUTE!!! Wish I were there! These kids have GOT to be the cutest in the world. Oh my!

    Evan/Forest's mom

  3. I love the video- it just makes me smile!!! What you all do in the lives of these kids is amazing. How blessed they are to have you all. We pray for you all every day- and for all the kids.