Monday, October 16, 2017

Christmas Sponsorship 2017!

It may be over 2 months away, but Christmas is coming! There's still plenty of time before you have to pull out all of your decorations and start baking Christmas cookies, but it is time to start one thing, shopping for the children at New Day Foster Home!

If you've followed along with our Christmas sponsorship program in the past you know that is it always so much fun! This year we are asking for sponsors to send gifts for our children to help make Christmas merry and bright!

Here's how everything is going to work!

Sponsoring Christmas presents for the children at New Day Beijing.

New Day Beijing

  • Go to THIS PAGE and choose the child you would like to sponsor. Then e-mail Abby ( and let me know which child you want to sign up for.
  • I will then send you a confirmation e-mail with a list of wants and needs for the child you have signed up for.
  • Shop for your child
  • Ship the package (medium flat rate or shoebox size only) to the address listed below no later than November 10th.

Important Details
  • The older children will have 3 Christmas sponsors and the younger children will have 2 sponsors.
  • All sponsorship will be on a first come, first served basis.
  • When children are fully sponsored it will say so under their picture
  • Shipping a medium flat rate box via USPS (the most affordable and trustworthy option) costs about $60, This is the cheapest way to get something from the US to China. If you are sponsoring more than one child it will be more affordable to use a larger box than to ship two packages, and you are welcome to do this.
  • Please follow the wants and needs list as closely as possible!

You can also donate as a gift for someone else. Please let us know by e-mailing abby@newdaycreations if you do so and we will be happy to send a card that you can print and give as a gift. 

New Day South

New Day South is asking for donations to their medical fund in in the place of gifts for Christmas this year. This is a great way to bless the children without paying for shipping a physical gift to China.
To donate to New Day South go here.
We would love to send you a thank you if you give in this way, please e-mail to let me know!

Thank you for helping us spread the cheer this Christmas!
Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fall Leaves

The changing of the seasons means it's time to change decorations in the preschool room! And what is more fun than adding leaves to the windows? The leaves might still be green outside but we are ready for fall in the classroom!

James gets a big, orange leaf

Sophie carefully places her leaf on the window

It's Naysa's turn!

Eli has little leaves

Freddy thinks his flower is beautiful!

Maggie, what do you see?

Nathan adds another one

Eli reaches high to make sure his leaf sticks

Freddy, that leaf is the perfect height!

James, are you taking off that leaf. You're supposed to be putting them on the window!

The next day they still loved to look at our beautiful fall window!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Transformation Tuesday: Amelia

We were full of hope when Amelia arrived at New Day on April 15th of 2016. Just a week earlier sweet Evelynn, who had the same GI issue that Amelia has, passed away and at her memorial service it was announced that Amelia would soon arrive.

A blog post written shortly after Amelia's arrival said this:
We committed to 'hold onto hope', and that is what we are doing for Amelia.  We are totally committed to loving her and caring for her and hoping for her.  We aren't giving up in the face of discouragement, and Amelia is a demonstration of this determination.  

As Amelia has grown that hope has remained.

She is known as a spunky, sassy girl, who has the sweetest smile.

Amelia has captured so many hearts and people around the world helped provide the special formula and vitamins she needed.

Amelia celebrated holidays, birthdays, and her nannies made sure she knew how loved she was.

We celebrated as Amelia began to crawl and then walk and watched as she became more and more confident exploring the world around her.

Recently Amelia celebrated her second birthday which means she also started attending preschool. This meant even more fun and the opportunity to go on field trips!

Amelia will soon leave to join her forever family. We will miss her joy and her smiles but we continue to have so much hope for a bright future. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Thank Goodness for Friends

Friends make life better. You can play with them and read stories with them. They can make you laugh when you feel sad or give you a hug when you need it. Friends help you with all kinds of things, including putting on your socks!

We're so thankful for friends!
Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Visit With Faith

Hi! I'm Faith. I live with a foster family so I don't come to the foster home everyday, but today my foster mom brought me and my foster brother, Ryan, for a visit!

One of my favorite toys are balls, and this green one is my favorite.

Tom looks pretty interested in my ball, and I'll show it to him, but I don't want to share it.

This is Ryan, he may be as big as me, but he is my little brother.

Ryan is learning to walk, but he still needs to hold onto a grown ups hands.

Mom thinks I should throw the ball, but I'd rather just hold it.

When we go back outside Ryan gets to visit with some of his friends.

Ok mom, I think we had a good visit and it's time to go home. See you next time!