Thursday, March 17, 2016

NDSouth: Adoption Day, China Style!

One of our core beliefs at New Day is that every child deserves to know the love and permanence of "family", no matter where in the world that family may be.  That said, we are always very happy when one of our children finds a good, loving home right here in China.

While the numbers are still small, we are very pleased that Jade is now the 3rd child from New Day South to be adopted by a local family and will be living only an hour or two away.

Jade's new mom and dad had come to visit her several times over the past several months, but Monday of this week was her "big day."   Even though Jade is only one year old, our staff did their best to prepare her, and she knew that this was no ordinary visit.

Her family came early in the day to spend time with Jade in her normal routine, hanging out in the playroom with the other children, feeding her lunch - dad, mom and daughter all getting to know one another better.

After nap time, we formally signed the papers and released Jade back to the care of her orphanage director who had made the 4 hour drive to meet the family here at the foster home.  Then a bit more paperwork between the director and the family, and soon Jade was an orphan no more!

Finally, it was time to say goodbye to the other children, caregivers and staff.  Having gone through this routine multiple times now, the children had a pretty good understanding that their 'mei mei' was in fact leaving.  (The good news is that all of the children living in this apartment are "matched" and waiting for their big day!)

‘Adoption’ within extended family relationships is not uncommon here in China.  However, adopting children outside of family lines, especially a child with a history of special need, is not as common as in the West, and there are cultural barriers to overcome.  It is our hope that every in-country adoption like Jade's will encourage more and more local families to consider adoption as a wonderful way to build family.


  1. Wow that's awesome!! I'd love to read more about the (slow) culture shifts that are happening to encourage this. And what is happening at NDS- that everyone in the apartment is matched?!? Yes!!

  2. Thanks for your comments, Sarah. We should note that we have children in two apartments now - its only the older children in the 2nd apartment that are all matched. We have seven precious little ladies in the other apartment that are still waiting for their families to find them!