Thursday, December 31, 2015

NDSouth: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Whatcha got there Nina?

Is it a Christmas present just for you!

Quick, everyone gather around!

Sweet Ana, in true Ana fashion gently, carefully opens her gift...

...while Li opens his with all eyes watching.

"Here let me help you Li", offers Jade.

"Hurry up!" thinks Jade.

4 sets of curious eyes!

Nina has discovered a tambourine with a mirror in it!  Wow!

Sweet Jade is checking our her reflection in it, I think she approves!

 Ana tenderly checks out the new Fisher Price Butterfly Shape Sorter!

 Li has discovered a love of drumming with his new Tap-A-Tune Little Tikes drum!

 Look what Hayden is excited for!
Grandpa Ken surprised all the children with a new t.v. for the Toddler Apartment!

Meanwhile, up in the Babies apartment...

Jeanie is facinated with the beautiful shiny paper....
but oh look there is something under that shiny paper,
I wonder what it is Jeanie?

A brand new Little Tykes Drum-a-Ditty!
Jeanie figured out how to play it right away and she loved it!

Ruth and Sophia worked together to figure out how to use their new Pop Up Surprise toy.

Great sharing girls!

Sadie had a blast on Christmas calling all her friends on her new Little Tykes Cell phone!

Ruth would like to say, "WOW, Grandpa Ken! We sure do love our new t.v. in our Babies Apartment! This is the best Christmas yet!"

Our hearts here at New Day South are overflowing from the outpouring of generousity that you, our supporters, have shown us this 2015 Christmas Season!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours.

Love, all the children & staff from New Day South ~
Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Josie's Joy

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Transformation Tuesday: Ben

This is one of those Transformation Tuesday posts that where it seems like the child has not changed one bit, in a really good way.  The Ben (or 'Nelson', his first English name) that we first met had the wonderful chubby cheeks and hilarious expressions that we now know and love.

He had his trademark cool 'moves' even back then!

It's easy to forget though, that the children who come here to New Day don't come because they are super-cute, but because they are in urgent need of medical care.  Ben became an orphan because of heart disease; he was abandoned when he was already a year old, so Down Syndrome seems unlikely to have been the reason.  He had his heart surgery in the first month that he was in our care.

It has been our great joy to watch Ben grow from a one-year-old into the amazing three-year-old that he is today.

He is so much fun to have around, and so much fun to write about; this blog, and our Facebook page, have featured so much Ben but there was always more to post than fairness would allow!

Ben has been so loved here, but he's about to experience the love that he truly needs...the love of his forever family.  We'll miss him, but we are incredibly happy for him, and for the family that he will bring great joy to.

NDS: In Memory, Marsha

Monday, December 28, 2015

A Big 'Thank You!' 2015

If the children could write, they would write eloquent thank-you-letters to express their gratitude for the wonderful gifts they received, thanks to the generosity of all of you who sponsored them this Christmas.  Instead, we thought you might like to see some pictures of them with the gifts...

The amazement and joy on their faces speaks a thousand words!

The older kids, especially Hudson, had been eagerly anticipating their gifts, and they were not disappointed.  There is no picture of the exact moment that Hudson tore the wrapping off his biggest gift (that boy is FAST), but I was there to see it and it was beautiful.  A boy's Christmas wish come true.

In the preschool room, foster-parents helped their little charges to unwrap their presents, and it was a happy blur of gift-wrap and new toys.

The playroom was also a scene of joyful chaos, but every child had an adult with them to help them.  Austyn soon discovered what to do with his foam boomerangs!

Ever wondered how Santa can be in so many places at once?  The mystery was revealed at our Christmas party in the cafeteria...two Santas.

Playroom Santa (Erik) and Preschool Santa (Adam) worked together to hand out gifts to the nannies, staff and foster-parents (and yes, Santa Erik gave Santa Adam his gift!).  They were so happy to receive them, and want to express their gratitude to those that sent money to buy them.

This little corner of China was full of cheer on Christmas Eve, all thanks to you wonderful Christmas sponsors!

Look out for a big scrapbook of pictures of the celebrations on our website.
Sunday, December 27, 2015

NDNorth: From a few of the little ones...

Merry Christmas from Lucas, who is celebrating his first Christmas with us... and isn't sure what he thinks about it (but later finds out that he loves cookies and carols.)

Merry Christmas from Samuel, who won the "Most Photographed Child" award, probably because of his adorable little outfit. Doesn't he make the cutest little elf?

...and from Leon, who is at the age where he's walking all over the place, taking all of the toys off of all of the shelves all of the time. (and grinning mischievously while he does it) 

...and from Ruby, whose life is a miracle itself.

...from Lydia, our new assistant, and lovely Kristiana!

Merry Christmas from Paul, who was gracious enough to let us take a picture of him with his Santa hat on... before he pulled it off again and giggled.

Merry Christmas from Isaiah, who has found his smile and is growing some precious chubby cheeks.

From all of us at New Day North -- Merry Christmas!