Thursday, September 10, 2015

NDSouth: Abigail Waits

Abigail was born in early May with a very serious ‘abdominal wall defect.’   The doctors in her rural birth city gave her very little chance of survival since the mortality rate for children in her condition can be quite high.

Thankfully, Abigail's orphanage director did not accept the recommendation of the local hospital and called our foster home for help.  By the end of her 2nd day of life, Abigail was admitted to the best pediatric hospital in our region where she remained in NICU for the next 11 weeks.

In mid July, Abigail was released from NICU to our foster home where she now waits - waits for her little body to heal and develop to the point where a surgical solution can be possible. (Sometimes children with Abigail’s problem are not able to have surgery until after their first year of life.)

Abigail is not able to be with the other babies in the foster home.  Her condition requires special care and protection.   Yet there is a peace upon little Abigail that is quite evident when you walk in her room.  She is a happy little girl, very responsive to her caregivers, and always quick to return a smile or sweet baby coo.

Abigail’s future is uncertain.  The particulars of her situation make this quite challenging for even the most skilled of surgeons.  While this is admittedly a bit scary for all of us here at the foster home, we count it a privilege to care for this little sweetheart during this special time of her life.

And although her future may be uncertain, it is certainly not without hope.  Abigail is under the care of the best doctors and surgeons in this region, and we know that the many prayers being offered on her behalf are not going unheard.

Note:  Abigail is still in need of monthly sponsors and one-time donations to help with her extended time in NICU and the additional expense of her daily care. 

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  1. She is loved, her life has meaning. She has a name, she has been called by name.