Wednesday, September 19, 2012

NDSouth: Charlotte Goes to the Hospital

Our little Charlotte is in the hospital now recovering from heart surgery last Friday.  We have to admit to just a bit of nervousness when the nurses wheeled our wee little one away into the big operating room..  We are so grateful that the surgery was successful and can't wait to bring her back home in a few days!

our expressive little lady a few hours before surgery

a bit subdued a few days after major surgery, but we are sure 
it won't be long before that little smile is back



  1. We've been praying for you Charlotte!!!!

  2. So thankful her surgery went well and she looks like she is recovering beautifully. And her hair...well, that just is adorable, too!

  3. she's such a dolly!!! my now 7 year old daughter had heart surgery in China when she was 1 1/2 years old. I'm just hoping she had such loving hands to help her through it like sweet Charlotte does!! prayers for all

  4. Sweet Baby Charlotte: We've been praying for you, and we are so glad you are returning to the arms of your friends. You look so well... can't wait to see your beautiful smile and twinkling eyes.
    Barbara Lyman :-)

  5. Oh sweet baby girl... you have SO been in our thoughts and prayers. May you continue to heal up quickly and regain great strength, so that you can endure your next surgery. You are SO precious and SO loved by many!!