Thursday, August 23, 2012

NDSouth: Good Hair Day

Most of our children had gotten a bit shaggy as of late, so this morning was time for a trip to the local salon that so generously takes care of our haircare needs.  Some of our haircut experiences in the past have been less than pleasant, so we were all a bit anxious to see how the kids would respond this time..

First up was Jonah who bravely climbed into the seat without a whimper!

Jonah's brave and calm demeanor was rewarded with a spiffy-looking do!

Next was little Asa.. who was quite unhappy with the whole process,

but with a little help from his friends, the ordeal was soon over.

Annie remained quite stoic through her time in the chair;
first, checking out her hairdresser..

then, keeping a close eye on every snip and cut..

In the end, however, we think she was quite pleased with the result!

We knew Benjamin didn't quite seem his normally spunky self..

but we were a bit surprised when he feel asleep in the chair!

(seriously! and didn't wake up until it was over!)

 With jiejie by her side, Hope decided she liked being so pampered!

final touches!

Although she handled herself well, Jewel was a bit bored through it all.

Just like her big brother, Benjamin...

.. Charlotte slept through it all!

Looking good and ready to go home!



  1. Oh! My word! Falling asleep in the chair! That is just toooooo cute!!!

  2. SO PRECIOUS! Can't wait to kiss all those little cheeks again!

  3. Getting their hair cuts for Asa's 1 year birthday?! Happy 1 year Asa!! You are loved by many around the world.

  4. That's right, Sarah! We just got back from Asa's party, and a grand time was had by all! (we'll try to post some pictures next week)

  5. Asa's cheeks just about do me in even from half way around the world! What a little sweetie, he does love his hair doesn't he?! All your children are beautiful and so sweet. What blessings. Thanks for keeping them looking sharp in the hair dept.!