Thursday, August 9, 2012

NDSouth: Annie's Got Mail!

We love days like this...

And so did Annie!



  1. oh how I love this too!! I remember when I got a glimpse of my little guy holding our pictures and it made me so excited!!! I bet this family is in tears seeing her look at their pictures. so happy for all!!!

  2. Annie! You have a forever family! What an answer to prayer!!!!!

    I know all of you at NDS are doing a happy dance! What joy it brings to see your children go into loving homes!

  3. Happy, Happy Day! Congratulations to Annie and her family.

  4. Oh, how wonderful! I love her expression in the third photo. Annie has a family!!!

  5. What an answer to prayer to see that Annie not only has word that she has a family waiting for her ... but she has photos of them! I bet they are melting to see her expressions as she studies their faces ... wondering all that she must be thinking! Such a blessing to know that her future is going to be very full of continued love! :-)

  6. absolutely PRECIOUS!! I will never forget when we got these same photos of Khloe looking through our album and seeing our photos for the first time... I was a gushing mess! ;) Absolutely PRICELESS moment... her new mama is going to cherish these pics FOREVER!!!!!