Thursday, July 12, 2012

NDSouth: Welcome, Sammy!

We first met Sammy at his orphanage a couple of weeks ago.  Sammy had already won the hearts of others involved with his orphanage who asked us to help him. We saw his face, we heard his story and we knew that we had to fight for him.

Meeting Sammy for the first time

The first step in getting Sammy the care he needed and giving him the life he deserved was tests. We knew that he had a severe heart disease, but we didn't know exactly what kind and if surgery would even be possible. We brought Sammy to the hospital in Guangzhou for tests, and after talking with the doctor, rejoiced that there was hope for Sammy. He wouldn't make it much longer without surgery, but surgery was possible and the surgeon was willing to do it.

With his orphanage nanny in the waiting room. She loved him very much.
Sammy was admitted into the hospital where he waited until the scheduled surgery.


Sammy went into the operating room July 10, 2012 and his successful surgery lasted 4 hours. Sammy is now in ICU and was just removed from the ventilator. The next few days will continue to be critical to his recovery, and Sammy will need another surgery in the future, but today he has hope. We can't wait to see Sammy when he is released from ICU, pink lips and restored life.

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  1. Sammy is irresistible! We are so so so thankful that ND was able to give him a chance at a full, abundant life! And we are even more thankful to God for caring for the fatherless through you all...
    Praying for a complete recovery for Sammy!