Wednesday, June 6, 2012

NDSouth: Spotlight on Preschool

Jonah, Renee and Hope are now attending preschool in the mornings, and this has quickly become the highlight of their day!  

Jonah absolutely loves class time!

The girls were so attentive to Teacher this morning..

Learning their colors

As you can see, space is at a premium right now at New Day South (this "multi-purpose room" is our preschool, administrative office and supply room.)

Another baby or two, and it will be time for our small but growing New Day South family to find a new home, hopefully with enough space for a dedicated school room!


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  1. Those smart kiddos! I love that they get to go to preschool!!!!! What a sweet glimpse into their day!
    What a blessing to see NDS blossom and grow!!!!