Thursday, April 5, 2012

NDSouth: Benjamin Goes to the Hospital

Last fall, we took Benjamin to the hospital for his cleft lip and palate surgery only to find out that he first needed heart surgery.  With his heart now repaired and his little body strong, it was time last week to take him back to the hospital for cleft surgery:

saying his good bye's at the foster home

making new friends at the hospital

checking out his new home for the week

after surgery and on his way to PICU

back home, and looking good!



  1. What a HANDSOME boy!! Bless his heart - praise the Lord for a good surgery!

  2. He is spectacularly HANDSOME! Oh my goodness they did a fabulous job with the lip repair ... however I'm sure you saw his inner and outer beauty all along. Congratulations dude--you are a miracle in progress! What a blessing that his heart and his lip are on the road to healing. Hugs, Valerie

  3. Oh Benjamin you look great!!..yeye is so happy that your surgury was a sucess!!wo ah ni !!...

  4. No kidding, "Looking good." What a handsome fella!

  5. PTL... Benjamin you have the sweetest, sunshine smile ever. With those sparkling eyes you can light up everyone's day.
    Barbara, David, & Guo Lyman :-)