Thursday, March 29, 2012

NDSouth: Welcome, Miss Charlotte!

Well, we thought the main 'happening' at New Day South this week would be Benjamin's surgery - until we got a phone call from Marshall's orphanage around noon on Monday.  Another call for help, this time for a two week (!) old baby girl.

A quick huddle, a couple of phone calls, and a few hours later, our 9th baby was on her way to Zhongshan.  It was close to midnight before little Miss Charlotte arrived, and after a few hours rest, we were up early the next morning and on our way to the Guangzhou hospital.

Charlotte has quite a bit to overcome, but we are so glad to be here and able to say "yes" when the call came.

We've had a few complaints lately about all the children at New Day South being fully sponsored ;~)   Well, here's your chance to be part of one very special little girl's life..     (link to child sponsorship page)



  1. OMG, she's grandmother's name was charlotte...I L O V E that name...what a perfect name for this precious angel.

  2. Welcome sweet girl. You are in amazing hands and being covered in prayers!

  3. So VERY beautiful!! Praying for a strong, new beginning in a very tender and oh so new life. Great things are in your future Charlotte! Welcome to your NewDay.

  4. Welcome to the New Day Family, Charlotte. What an incredible beauty you are! You are going to be so loved.

  5. Can't wait to hear her story. You should call her Charlie. Love that name.

  6. Oh beautiful little girl ~ so happy that you are now living in the care and love at NDS! Praying for you!