Wednesday, February 29, 2012

NDSouth: Marshall and Jewel

Although much of his Marshall's short 4 months has been a struggle for survival, he is now starting to smile more often, and we're even hearing some cooing and baby talk at times.  It's almost like he is beginning to relax a bit, and we think maybe he is experiencing whatever 'hope' feels like to a baby this small..  

The task now is to get more nutrition in his little system so he can gain weight (he is still way off the charts..)

Gaining weight has not been a problem for Jewel!  We were lucky to catch these shots a few days ago when she was experiencing the joys of her first chicken leg:



  1. Marshall your face is glowing! We are praying for you!
    And are really loving that chicken bone...WOW! Not a big fan of them myself...or the chicken HEADS either, but I'm glad you're eating well and growing great, precious one!

  2. Marshall's smile brings me a warm feeling all over! He's still so tiny ... but he has grown so much and is already filling out and looking so much more joyful. And sweet Jewel can even make gnawing on a chicken leg look good! Way to go you two! Love the updates from NDS!

  3. I LOVE the NDS blog posts! ;) I can hardly handle all that cuteness. March 18th cannot come soon enough. :)