Thursday, March 15, 2012

NDSouth: Birthday Girls

Not sure how it had escaped our notice until the day drew closer, but Renee and Jewel share the same birthday!  This was Renee's 2nd birthday with us, and of course, little Jewel just turned one.

Having been around a number of these events now, Renee was quite enthusiastic to see TWO cakes in the house.   And although Jewel ate her fair share of birthday cake to be sure, we think she would have preferred another chicken leg..



  1. Happy Birthday, sweet girls!

    As is our family tradition to celebrate the birthday of the ND child we sponsor, we had a cake with one shining candle and sang Happy Birthday to miss Jewel. We celebrate with you ND South!


  2. Happy birthday Jewel and Renee. So thankful your New Day family surrounded you with love and warm wishes.

  3. Look at those beautiful birthday girls! Sending much love to the little birthday treasures. Happy Birthday, sweethearts! xoxo

  4. Oh my goodness how fast they grow! And they are both so beautiful. Looking forward to their new birthday year and hopeful that it will be filled with a very special "*" that will bring them to their forever and ever family.

  5. Happy birthday beautiful girls! They almost share a birthday with my two (March 9 & March 10). What a week for birthdays!

  6. Oh sweet girls... look how big you both are getting. Especially lil' Miss Jewel ~ she sure has grown up lately!! CUTE!

    Happy Birthday precious girlies!!