Thursday, March 8, 2012

NDSouth: Asa Goes To The Hospital

Asa had his 2nd surgery on Tuesday as planned.  So happy to report that the surgeon was quite pleased with the results, and little Asa is now resting and recovering well at the hospital.

Right before his surgery - being comforted
and reassured by his caregivers

Right after his surgery - in 'good hands'
the whole time!

Rest and heal quickly, little man - it's your brother Benjamin's turn next week!



  1. Asa is the most beautiful baby boy in all of Asia even with a load of sticky tape on his hair. That face! OH! It is so smoochy! So glad that he came through with flying colors and that he was and is in "good hands" the whole time.
    Blessings!! Valerie

  2. Ahh, that little boy definately has me wrapped around his little fingers and I haven't even met him yet. So gald his surgery went well and praying that he has a speedy recovery!