Thursday, February 2, 2012

NDSouth: An Outing for Our Toddlers

With the holidays behind us, we started looking for a way to let the children spend their hong bao (red envelope) money.  Then, yesterday, a visiting pediatric specialist told us we needed to find a way to increase Renee's calorie intake, even if it meant eating less-than-the-most-healthy of foods at times.

Then it dawned on us.. what better way to meet both objectives than a trip to our local western fast food restaurant!

While to most of us, this kind of food is all too common, this was quite a new experience for our older children, Renee, Hope and Jonah.  Although a good time was had by all, the verdict on the food was somewhat mixed.

We started with the chicken nuggets..

although initially as unsure as the others, Renee
proved to be the most adventuresome,

Hope, on the other hand, never quite warmed
up to any of the day's fare..

we finally got her to sample a french fry..

Jonah absolutely loved his french fries!

and of course, the happy meal toys were fun for all

and once the ice cream was served, Renee quickly 
met her calorie intake objectives for this day!



  1. "Less-than -the-most-healthy of foods ", haha! You have made such a good advertisement for McDonald : D

  2. Renee proves once again she's my kinda girl ... lovin' the ice cream! You go girl! And dear Hope would probably enjoy a Big Mac ... if they only made one in a super-mini size. (She looks SO petite!) Those nuggets are just so ... processed I will agree. She's a refined girl and probably enjoys the fancier menu items (heehee.)
    So glad they got a treat out!

  3. Those kiddos are all so cute! Renee is growing up so much. But sweet little Hope is still just a little peanut, though her hair sure is growing longer. Adorable kiddos... love them all! :)