Thursday, September 15, 2011

NDSouth: Asa

Asa spends almost all of his time now sleeping, eating and being cuddled.. in other words, exactly what a 3 week old baby should be doing!

We take him tomorrow to find out what the doctor says (post-surgery checkup), but from all we can see and know, this little man is doing great.

Rest now, little Asa.  We've got you covered until your new Mom and Dad find you..


  1. Asa you look like you are such a strong, healthy boy! We are praying for you, little man!

  2. They are some happy looking babies there...So Cute.

  3. Such a beautiful, beautiful boy!
    It just fills me with such joy and awe to see his tender newness.
    What a blessing from God!
    Praying that his forever and ever mom and dad are in pursuit of him RIGHT NOW. I cannot imagine them missing out on even a day of this little man's life. And I'm praying for his birth family--how heartbroken they must be ... what great hearts they have in being able to surrender such a precious treasure so he could live. Peace to them. What a blessing that ND South was established there if for only this child!

  4. He is SO adorable. And what GREAT hair!! :) ...Makes me want to just put some pomade or gel in it, or something!! ;)