Wednesday, August 17, 2011

NDSouth: Spotlight - Jonah

Jonah is our oldest child at New Day South.  He was born with a problem in his right ear, but he hears just fine with his left.  Jonah sometimes finds it challenging being the oldest child in the foster home, but he really enjoys it when guests with older children come to visit.  He absolutely loves to go outside, but the Guangdong heat has slowed that down a bit..

Jonah is by nature a gentle little fellow, but like many children, he doesn't always find it easy to share with his little brother and sisters.  And although Jonah is starting to verbalize more and more now, we wish we could tell what all is going on in that inquisitive little mind!

We know there is a special family "out there" looking for someone just like Jonah.  How exciting it will be to hear when they find him!


  1. Yes it will be! He is adorable and some lucky family will be blessed to have him!

  2. Jonah man, YOU ARE SO LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!
    We are praying for you little buddy everyday!!!!!