Thursday, August 4, 2011

NDSouth: All Together Now!

It was a very active afternoon in the playroom today, but after a bit of work, we were able to get everyone to sit still long enough for a group photo.

Jewel (far left) has only been with us a week, but she is settling in beautifully.  We are all anxiously awaiting Hope's first steps (won't be long now).  Xiao Didi (Benjamin) is a VERY active little fellow, and so strong for a 7 month old!  Rounding out the group is Renee, our little princess, and Jonah, the big brother of this clan. 

Its so hot right now in south China that we have to spend most of our afternoons inside.  Never a dull moment as you can probably imagine, but we are indeed blessed with a very special group of children!


  1. Look at what beautiful children you all are! We are anxiously awaiting those first steps, Hope:) Today is your nevus buddy, Sully's (our just turned 2 yr old), 6th surgery for his birthmark. He is all ready to go. We pray for all of you, and especially for Hope. Hugs from the Nagel's

  2. Oh THIS picture is definitely going on the fridge! ADORABLE!
    Praying for all of you...

  3. Oh what a treat to see all those beautiful ND South kiddos together in one 'family' photo! LOVE IT!! That little Jewel has absolutely stolen my heart already! It's great to see she is already settling in to her new family! <3