Friday, May 27, 2011

NDSouth: Guess Who's Learning to Crawl?

We aren't always able to capture all of the "firsts" for our children, but this time the camera was near by..  With patient encouragement from one of our volunteers, little Hope is now on all fours!


  1. GO HOPE! We're cheering you on and praying for you too! :)

  2. how precious! I love this can just watch them learning!

  3. Hope!! We're so proud of you :) Our family continues to pray fervently for you! It is so great to see you growing and you're just as adorable as ever!! Praise God for the love and care you have while you wait for your forever family. We continue to pray that we will be a part of your future in whatever way we can, no part is too small or too big. Love and prayers from your extended nevus "family" in South Dakota, especially from our son and fellow nevus buddy, Sully (22 months, giant nevus partially removed).

  4. Hope is on the rise!
    Love it,