Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Elizabeth bakes a pie!

Elizabeth has been getting a little house-weary since returning to the Healing Home after her heart surgery a couple of weeks ago, but she has been under doctor’s orders to stay inside until she gains a bit more strength. How happy she was when Carrie, who lives next door to the Healing Home, invited her over to help make and bake a pie!

No doubt this experience presented her with many ‘firsts’, since baking and sweet desserts are not commonplace here in China, but Elizabeth had a great time mixing, stirring and watching the pie transform in the oven. She was very proud of the finished product and quite insistent that all in the Healing Home share in the fruits of her labor – the children were of course glad to comply, but the nannies needed a bit of coaxing to eat something that sweet!


  1. So sweet!! ...no pun intended! ;)

    I just love how you guys go the extra mile to make these kids feel loved and special! You will surely reep your rewards one day!!

    God bless! <><

  2. Elizabeth is always on my heart, so I pray for her often....it's SO good to see her smile.

  3. What a fun...calm...way to spend some time with someone. She seems to really enjoy this very American activity! Great thinking Carrie!

  4. What beautiful smiles!! I'm so happy to see Elizabeth recovering from her surgery.